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Sugarlif Gulab Jamun 1 Kg (Pack of 1) – Made from Desi Ghee – Sweetened with Sugarlif Low GI Diet Sugar.

1 Kg Drained weight 400g


  • Traditional Indian sweet with a mindful twist
  • Crafted with pure ghee and sweetened using Sugarlif Low GI sugar
  • Indulgent taste without compromising on flavor
  • Low glycemic index formulation for balanced sweetness
  • Made in a hygienic environment for quality and freshness assurance
  • Aromatic essence of Gulab Jamun in every bite
  • Suitable for those conscious of their sugar levels
  • Perfect for celebrations or as a special treat
  • Satisfy cravings guilt-free with this exquisite dessert option


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Introducing Sugarlif Gulab Jamun, a modern take on the classic Indian sweet, now sweetened with Sugarlif Low GI sugar for a healthier indulgence. Made with pure ghee and crafted in a hygienic environment, each bite offers the authentic taste of tradition with a lower glycemic index, making it a guilt-free option for dessert lovers. Enjoy the rich, aromatic flavors of Gulab Jamun without the sugar spike, perfect for any occasion. Treat yourself to the exquisite taste of Sugarlif Gulab Jamun and experience the perfect blend of tradition and innovation in every bite.




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Benefits of Low GI Foods

Improves Glucose & Lipid Metabolism

Reduces the sudden rise in blood glucose

Brings down the risk of diabetes

Reduces the demand for insulin after food

Gives long lasting energy

Helps in weight management


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