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Sugarlif ® - Low GI Sugar
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Natural Life Speciality Pvt. Ltd., - A premier food and wellness company pioneering the low GI revolution in India and across the world. We all know that Carbohydrates are the most important and readily available source of energy. They are an essential part of a diet for both kids and adults. We at Natural Life produce high quality natural carbs like Sugar, Wheat, Rice etc that are not just tasty but also can reduce the risk of illness and diseases.

Eating healthy is not about following a strict diet regime but is all about feeling terrific, having a sustained energy, convalescing your health, and uplifting your mood. Enabling people to make healthy dietary choices is the centre of our company's motto. We know it’s difficult to completely eliminate foods you enjoy so we made the “foods you enjoy” healthy for you. We at Natural Life specialize in producing foods with a low glycemic index (GI) that has been proven to improve overall health.

The global food and wellness industry is finally adapting to help people live healthy lives. We believe that the next revolution in food will be developed to help counter diseases and ailments that many urban populations face today - namely, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

To ensure that our products are safe and meet the highest quality specifications, we have a dedicated manufacturing facility in Maharashtra, India where we believe that the quality doesn’t just involve finished product, but it is also about systems, processes, and people responsible for creating the product. Our facility has been certified by the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and is recognized by many of the world's biggest retailers.

Whether you are lifestyle-conscious, pre-diabetic or a diabetic, you can now live a good life and enjoy great health as well

Our Journey

The Sugarlif Journey

“Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.” — Arthur Ashe

The story of Sugarlif is not about the goal but its all about the journey it took. A journey to achieve a goal which were intimidating, scary, like swimming in sea where the hope of many float in nebulous future of someday. The beginning of the journey was also not less dramatic when mother of a Juvenile Diabetic child made an emotional yet resolute appeal to Dr. Nandagopalan asking, “Can you make my son to eat sweets?”; this emotional appeal triggered the research and development of this revolutionary product. It took them 4 years to achieve a breakthrough with the development of Low GI Sugar. The palpable happiness in the face of the mother and her diabetic child was the Oscar for their effort. What is more pleasing is that they are consuming it till date.

However, like any journey the innovators also faced certain hinderance and heart breaks. In 2011 they joined hands with a Company called Diabliss Consumer Products Pvt Limited co-owned by Mr Ramanathan to manufacture and market the product made of this technology. Between 2011 to 2017 they jointly conducted many tests and clinical study with the product made from this technology.

However, this partnership couldn’t last long as Diabliss didn’t honour the multiple commitments they made, and they parted ways in 2017.

“We now believe Diabliss started manufacturing Low Gi Sugar with some other technology and we have made it very clear to them that we don’t stand any guarantee for their product and its efficacy”.

In the year 2015 Dr. C.K. Nandagopalan and his team in Revolution joined hands with Natural Life and started a brand called Sugarlif and jointly dedicated their focus on getting international validation for their technology and product. They got the product certified in Canada, USA, Australia, India and at the same time committed their efforts to successfully find a way to make this technology scalable to meet the global demand. We feel privileged and proud to be recognised among the pioneers in Low Gi Technology.

Today, this technology is owned by Natural Life Speciality Pvt Ltd. and we believe this is just a beginning of a efficacious and flourishing journey

Sugarlif - Low GI Diet Sugar USPs

Global Disruption


Natural Life Speciality Pvt. Ltd. has the potential to convert regularly available natural Sugar, Wheat Flour (Atta) and Rice as Low GI foods


Our Low GI process is scalable with all forms of natural cane sugar – Raw, Refined, Granular, Powdered and Liquid form


A major advantage of Sugarlif® Low GI food products are that there is no change in flavour nor any bitter after-taste.


Sugarlif® Low GI Sugar effectively replaces all artificial sweeteners with the huge benefit of having no dangerous side effects (as is the case with artificial sweeteners)